Frequently Asked Questions

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Isn't it too expensive to rent a luxury car?

While luxury car rentals are pricier than standard options, we offer a range of vehicles with varying price points. It's a unique opportunity to indulge in a high-end experience for special occasions or to treat yourself.

Wouldn't I get better value renting a standard car?

It depends on your priorities. Luxury cars offer unparalleled comfort, style, and performance, enhancing your overall experience. If you seek a memorable journey, the extra cost can be worth it.

I've never driven a supercar before; will it be too difficult?
    • Our team will provide a thorough orientation, ensuring you're comfortable with the vehicle's controls. Many find driving luxury cars surprisingly intuitive.
What if I damage it? I'm not used to such powerful cars.
    • We offer comprehensive insurance options to protect you in case of accidents. You can drive with confidence, knowing you're covered.
Why you need to pay deposit?

The security deposit is set to cover potential damages or excess mileage. It's refunded promptly after vehicle inspection upon return.

How quickly will I get my deposit back after returning the car?

Typically, deposits are refunded within a few business days, subject to bank processing times.

Do I need special insurance for these kinds of cars?

We provide insurance tailored to luxury cars. It's included in the rental fee to ensure your peace of mind.

Isn't the insurance rate too high for luxury cars?

Our rates are competitive, and the insurance cost reflects the value and performance of the vehicles.

What if the car I want isn't available?

We recommend booking in advance to secure your preferred vehicle. However, we also offer alternatives in case your choice is unavailable.

Can I change my booking on short notice?

Changes are subject to availability, but we'll do our best to accommodate your requests.

Are there strict mileage restrictions?

Our rentals typically include generous mileage allowances, and additional mileage can be arranged.

What happens if I go over the allotted miles?

Excess mileage fees may apply, but we can discuss options to suit your needs.

What are the penalties for late returns?

Late returns may incur additional charges; please check your rental agreement for specifics.

Are there hidden fees I should be aware of?

We pride ourselves on transparency. Any applicable fees will be clearly outlined in your rental agreement.

Can I drive the car outside Marbella or even Spain?

Travel within Spain is generally allowed. For international travel, please discuss your plans with our team.

Are there restrictions on where I can take the car?

Some areas may have limitations due to road conditions or insurance coverage; we'll provide guidance to ensure a safe and enjoyable journey.